This was my fourth grade classroom. We were lucky to have such a beautiful space in which to learn. 

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  A view of the front of our classroom. We have a SMART Board mounted to the front wall and projection unit mounted on the ceiling. Our document camera is on the corner of Mrs. Renz' desk.



This is the back of our room.  We have ten computers networked for student use.  We have two other computers that only run educational CD software (not on the network) like Oregon Trail III and Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. Out our windows is the front parking lot and an amazing view of Mt. Jefferson.


Each student has a "cubby" space in which to put coats and backpacks.  We have 36 cubbies in all.



This is our reading corner.  Books are organized into tubs by theme.  We have carpet rectangles to sit on. We have a wall mounted TV with a VCR/DVD.  The TV is only used for morning announcements.


This is our math tools area.

Wise Owl Student of the Month on Teachers pay Teachers!

The Wise Owl trophy sits on the math tool shelf watching for amazing students to choose each month.




This is our Mastery Club Challenge area and  Hall of Fame chart.  Mastery Club challenges are posted on the cupboards. Saying, "I'm bored" is NOT going to happen in this classroom! 

(These photos are are showing the old look of Mastery Club.  It's been completely updated now.)

Mastery Club Challenges

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Mrs. Renz's desk area and our College Corner


This is our classroom bank.  Bankers work each day, paying for on time homework, and projects turned in on time.  Bankers collect monthly classroom rent and income taxes on April 15th as well as auction money.




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Classroom Cash

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Our math definitions help students with math vocabulary.

These are the OLD version! 


The new improved version is MUCH nicer!  :)

Math vocabulary posters

264 fourth grade Common Core math vocabulary terms, colorful visuals and examples.


Our "Star of the Week"

gets to decorate this area. 

Mrs. Renz is the first "Star" person of the year. 




My "You're the Star"

Special Person of the Week

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These are the (old) "Life Skills" Character Traits we practice and these are our classroom agreements.




These are the NEW & IMPROVED

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wpe2E.jpg (21211 bytes)

This is Mrs. Renz's favorite poster! 


Mrs. Renz's Disney Teacher Award