Mrs. Renz's Science & Health Page

updated December 23, 2017

Science Games & Lessons from BBC for 9-10 year olds -  life cycles, keeping healthy, gases around us, changing state, changing sounds, Earth Moon Sun   Living Things - learn about living things, materials, and  physical processes - a neat site from BBC in Great Britain
Circuits and Conductors - from BBC    Simple Machines Game
Tsunamis - learn all about them!   Animal Adaptations
Watch a Cow Eye Dissection - this is real - be sure you are up for this!   Play lots of Science Games at Mr.
Ology - great website with loads of fun and learning   My Life as An Elk - a neat interactive site
Kaleidoscope Maker - create your own kaleidoscope online & test it - fun!   Deschutes and Ochoco Forest Kid Pages - great ecosystem, fish, wildlife activities and games
The Why Files - WAY COOL site!  Control a tornado, play with lightning, make a snowflake, hit a baseball and test the dynamics of its flight  

Bonneville Power for Kids  

Dragonfly - a science inquiry site for many topics  

National Geographic for Kids  a great wealth of knowledge awaits you at this site


Try - conduct experiments and more   Fact Sheets About Animals - get fact sheets on over 50 animal species
Drinking Water & Groundwater Kids - EPA Kids - play some water-related games & learn something new!  Also in Espaņol   Energy Quest - a fun interactive learning site
JASON Frozen Worlds - Antarctica, the Arctic, Polar Explorers, Glaciers, Alaska   Trees are Terrific - a movie

EPA Student Center - play and learn about water, ecosystems, plants and animals

  pH Panel - explore the properties of pH


The pH Factor - conduct experiments and learn about pH   The pH Panel - play and learn about acids and bases

Science Library Adventure - explore by grade level


  Medical Mysteries - a Macromedia Flash site where you learn about pathogens and try to stop them from infecting people - FUN!
How Much Water Does Your Family Use? - fill in the questionnaire online and see your family's average daily water use   Low Life Labs - fun activities to learn about moving, sensing, thinking, and being

Edible / Inedible Experiments  - here are some fun experiments, some of them you can EAT (the edible ones).  Check with your parents first, of course!

  Animal Interdependence and Adaptations - Macromedia Flash game
Let's Talk About Insects - a movie


Nutrition Exploration Kids
Take a Walk in the Woods - a movie


Kids Health - learn about all sorts of health topics - En espaņol, too!

The Adventures of Herman the Worm


Nutrition Cafe - play some nutrition games - play some nutrition games
Play "Chain Reaction" a Food Chain Game


Out On a Limb - a movie about getting along
Planet Pals


Foss Science Site - lots of topics to explore
Biomes and Ecosystems of the World   Discover with Darwin - explore the Galapogos Islands
Earth & Moon Viewer   My Pyramid - a great nutrition site for you to figure out how much and what you should eat
World Climate - type in a city name and see the climate & weather information   How Stuff Works
Cells Alive   A Virtual Pond Dip - cool!
The Bug Club - learn to ID bugs and much more.  From the United Kingdom.


Fun with Food Webs - interactive site
Cool Science Trick Using Polarized Sunglasses       Another Trick


Learn About Robotics!
Smelly Science - too funny!   Magic School Bus Games Page
Global Climate Change Over the Years - from NASA JPL   Make a Beast Skeleton Jigsaw Puzzles - fossils
Genetics - Punnet Square activity   Burying Animal Bodies
Build a Bridge & Test It!   The Science of Laughter - laugh a little!
Play "Goldburger to Go" - build a Rube Goldberg Machine   Fun Science Experiments
Science Simulations from Univ. of Colorado at Boulder for Elementary Students - very cool!   NASA Climate Change Website
Fish Websites   FOSS Activities
Oceanography Websites   Rocks & Minerals Websites
Electricity Websites  

Rocks & Minerals - watch a slide show 

Earthquakes & Volcanoes Websites   Life Processes Websites - wetlands, watershed, habitats, ecosystems
Calculate Weight on Other Planets   Snow & Snowflakes websites
Brooklyn Bridge - Noggin Twister   Science Materials - click this for some fun  electricity unit games & activities - from Great Britain
Science Fun from BBC - learn about Science!  Choose your age range and have FUN!   Rainforests Web Sites
Salmon - by Riverdale School