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Oregon State Scoring Guides - all subjects Everyday Math page from University of Chicago Math Project
Math Sites My Students Use - this list is very extensive! Everyday Math Websites 4th Grade to Reinforce the Skill students are learning - listed lesson by lesson
Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Everyday Math Parent Handbook Online

Bridges Grade 4 from The Math Learning Center - resources and materials.  I love this program but our district did not adopt it. Everyday Math Game Directions
NCTM Illuminations - a wonderful site including the best math sites on the web, lessons, standards - also organized by grade level Math Resources from the UK - good for SmartBoard use
The Math Learning Center Algorithms
Math Forum at Drexel University - lists math resources by subject matter, key issues in math today, and more Everyday Math Resources from Indiana University
Salem-Keizer Math Online Grade 3 Math Problems - from Salem Keizer (Oregon) School District - an awesome collection of math problems in a Monday-Friday format Everyday Math Links & Resources - from Jefferson County Schools - broken down by grade level
Salem-Keizer Math Online Grade 5 Math Problems - from Salem Keizer (Oregon) School District - an awesome collection of math problems in a Monday-Friday format   More Everyday Math Online Resources
Salem-Keizer Math Online Grade 8 Math Problems - from Salem Keizer (Oregon) School District - an awesome collection of math problems in a Monday-Friday format Good Glossary of Math Terms
Johnnie's Math Page - math games sorted by topic   Telling Time Worksheet Creator - cool!
Cool Math 4 Kids Web Site Cool Math Tessellations Unit
Free Arithmetic Worksheets - from S & S Software - has whole numbers & decimals (all four operations), plus fractions Teach Net.com - lesson ideas for general math topics, geometry, real world math, maps & graphs, and terminology
EdHelper.com - lots of free math worksheets  Math Fact Cafe 4th Grade Worksheets with Answer Keys
CanTeach Elementary Math Resources - from Canada   Math is Fun - loads of math stuff here
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - elementary Resources NCTM Illuminations - searchable database of lessons
Math Archives - has lessons & more for grades K-12   Top Marks - an awesome from the UK with Flash animations for lots of topics
Links to Other Math Education Sites - from Indiana State University Topmarks math Activities for Fourth Grade - from the UK
NAEP Web Site - National Assessment of Educational Progress - see how the states score academically on state testing Mrs. Sanders Math Resources
Math Lessons that are Fun, Fun, Fun! - by Cynthia Lanius of Rice University - a neat collection of lessons Math Games for Students
Cynthia Lanius' Fun Math Lessons Everyday Math Teacher resources - broken down unit by unit
Multiplication Algorithms - explanations from CT   Mantee Florida Math Links
Teaching Time Resources - from the UK Hundreds Board Activities  and more Math Wire.com - standards based math site
Centre for Innovation in Teaching Mathematics - great teaching materials to had out to grades 3-5 students from the UK

Probability Game Board Games to Print & Play 

   Penny flip     Face Off     Game of Pig   Game of Skunk

   Release the Prisoners Game   Prisoners Score Sheet

   Free the Animals Game     Animals Score Sheet

   High Five Towers Game

Math Power Point Presentations - from Jefferson County Schools, Tennessee    More  

Number Sense Games    Multiplication & Division Games

    I Have Who Has Games   Triangle Tower X Games

Math Websites from I Love Math.org   Amy's Electronic Math Classroom - activities for all concepts & grades 3-8
Math Card Game Directions - from Australia   Number Sentence Patterns Worksheets for Multiplication & Division - from Purdue Univ.

Geometry & Measurement Board Games


   Grab the Candy   Gridlock Jr.     Gridlock Game

   High Five     Clean Up the Money    Shape Capture Game

  Week by Week Math Essentials for Grade 4

Main Site

Coordinate Graphing Games & Activities   IXL Fourth Grade Math Website - 192 skills lessons
bullet IXL Lessons for Fourth Grade Oregon Teachers
Show What You Know Grade 3- Open Ended Math Problems

Show What You Know Grade 4 - Open Ended Math Problems

  Calculator Riddles

Algebraic Relationships - Balance Worksheets from Purdue University  Balances 1-12     Balances 13-24      Balances 25-35

Balance Challenges  


Math Resources for Elementary Teachers - from the UK

      Area & Perimeter Sites for Teachers - from the UK

Geometry - go to the red section, click on Quick Draw   Math Superstars - problems week by week from Florida
Fourth Grade Math Resources from Jordan School District (Utah)   Student Math Tasks Illustrated - from New Zealand
State Standards Math Pages - from iCoach Math   New Zealand Math Resource Finder - links to math tasks, commentaries, and lessons - AMAZING resource!
iCoach Math Elementary Resources   Math Teaching Materials from New Zealand - AMAZING resource!

Interventions for Students in Math - NZ

    sample intervention for multiplication & division

  Bright Sparks Activities for High Achievers - NZ
    More Activities for High Achieving Students

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