Invasive Species   JASON Project - you and your students can participate in a neat project with Dr. Bob Ballard
Food Chains & Food Webs Lessons and Activities   Science Sites My Students Use
Flight Links Oceanography Sites My Students Use
NASA's Earth Observatory - Data and Images - lots of satellite photos of Earth Planet Pals - has lots of environmental ideas & links
Science Netlinks - lessons, resources & benchmarks Health - lesson ideas
Electricity Sites Sea Grant Oregon - Oregon and Coastal Links
Antarctica & Polar Region Sites AIMS Science Pages
Invention Convention - by Houghton Mifflin Education Place - everything you need to put on your own Invention Convention Science Fair Resources for Teachers - from the San Francisco Exploratorium Science - lesson ideas Pole 2 Pole - follow a trek from the North Pole to the Antarctica
Locate Your Watershed  Web Cams - there's just about everything here to look at
Watershed Resources for Teachers and Students from EPA Inquiry Science Links - compiled by our local High Desert ESD
S.T.E.P. Online - Salmon, Trout Enhancement Program NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12
Educating People About Water - a searchable database of lessons, information, and ideas U.S.G.S. Learning Web - (United States Geological Society) - lots of links about Earth, land, water, plants, animals, maps and more
King County (Washington) Salmon Cam Science
What is a Watershed? - Upper Deschutes Watershed Council  (Oregon) explains it here Water Science for Schools
National Geographic Kids  National Chemistry Week Activities (Oct. 2005)
Ocean Debris Teaching Guide Density Lessons
Watershed Patch Program - a 51 page teacher's guide Matter & Its Changes
Acids & Bases Activities   Simply Science
The Language of Chemistry Lessons   Putting DNA to Work
Chemical Reactions Lessons   BBC Science School - ages 4-11
Global Warming Macromedia Flash Presentation - interactive - neat   Science View
Top Marks - an awesome from the UK with Flash animations for lots of science topics   Properties of Earth Materials - from Learning
Build a Fish   Plate Tectonics Lesson & video
Plant Adaptations   Drilling for Core Samples Activity
Science Inquiry Activities K-4 - from Learning   Earthquakes & Plates - lesson
Science Inquiry Activities Grades 5-12 - from Learning   Tectonic Plates On the Move Lesson
Structure of the Earth System   Water Cycle animation
Build a Bridge   Science Tech Science - Rockingham, VA
Dynamic Earth - videos   Animal Adaptations Web Quest
Energy in the Earth System lessons   Scientific method - for kids
Ocean Waves video & lessons   More Scientific Method Info
The Great Plant Escape   CanTeach Science Elementary Resources - from Canada
My Science Box - hands on science curriculum   My Science Box - lessons and ideas
    Water Cycle Song


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