Curriculum Links for SMART Boards


These are some of my favorite websites that help utilize the SMART Board to its potential.

- Heather Renz

Amphitheater School District SMART Board Resources (AZ) SMART Tech Resources (green section)
Dysart Schools SMART Resources (AZ) SMART Board Training Center - learn to use your equipment
SMART Board Lesson Ideas (GA) SMART Board Lesson Activities
SMART Board Sites K-3 (MO) Two Minute Animated Training Tutorials
Math Resources - EMints (MO) searchable database Using the SMART Board with MS Word
Lee's Summit School District SMART Board Resources (MO) Live Online Training
Interactive Web Resources (MO) Notebook Lessons for Elementary Teachers
SMART Board Resources (MO) SMART Educator Resources
SMART Board Lessons (NJ) More Lessons for Elementary Teachers
SMART Board Ideas (VA) United Kingdom Resources (blue section)
SMART Boards in the Classroom - Lessons & Ideas (WI) SMART Board Interactive Lessons - by subject & age (UK)
Dee Bellocchio's Homepage - SMART Board Coach SMART Board Interactive Resources (UK)
SMART Board Resources from Internet 4 Classrooms Whiteboard Resources (UK)
Geography Games Great for the SMART Board SMART Board Resources  (Cardiff, Wales)

Daily SMART Board Attendance Sign-In Sample I Made: 

    OSU Beavers or U of O Ducks

Hooda Math Games for Whiteboards - my students love Hooda Math
SMART Board Lesson Collection - House Springs Elementary, MO