Article About My Classroom Web Site in the Book, 

"Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times" 

Fourth Edition by Donald J. Leu, Deborah Diadiun Leu, and Julie Coiro

Early in 2004, the authors of this great resource emailed me and asked if they could include information about me and my website in their book.  I was honored to be their featured classroom web site on pages 409-411 in Chapter 12, "Developing a Homepage for your Classroom."   

This book is an incredible resource on using the Internet and computers in classrooms.    

Here is a preview of the chapters in this book.    Visit the website

Chapter 1:  New Literacies for New Times

Chapter 2: Navigating the Internet with Efficiency and a Critical Eye

Chapter 3:  Effective Instructional Models:  Internet Workshop, Internet Project, Internet Inquiry, and WebQuest

Chapter 4:  Communicating On the Internet: Email, Mailing Lists, and Other Forms for Electronic Communication

Chapter 5:  English and the Language Arts: Opening New Doors to Literature and Literacy

Chapter 6:  Social Studies: A World of Possibilities

Chapter 7:  Science: Using the Internet to Support Scientific Thinking

Chapter 8:  Math:  Thinking Mathematically on the Internet

Chapter 9:  Special Ideas for Younger Children Using the Internet in Primary Grades

Chapter 10:  Using the Internet to Increase Multicultural Understanding

Chapter 11:  Including All Students on the Internet

Chapter 12:  Developing a Homepage for your Classroom


The ISBN number of this book is 1-929024-77-0