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"Frozen Worlds" 

Web Sites 

JASON Project Web Site  - log in to your JASON Journal & digital labs



Meet Dr. Bob Ballard - Founder of the Jason Project and discoverer of the wreck of the RMS Titanic


Antarctic Expedition Information - the Bancroft-Arnesen Expedition


Another Virtual Artarctic Field Trip


Welcome to the Ice - the Antarctic Adventures of Robert Holmes

Antarctica Virtual Field Trip - jump onboard and travel to 27 stops on this virtual field trip


Exlporatorium - Scientific Journey to Antarctica

All About Antarctica - from the British Antarctic Survey


Antarctica Miscellaneous Information


Terra Quest Antarctic Expedition


Susan Cowles - Antarctic Explorers - Susan is in Antarctica right now (Jan. 2002) and is posting her daily journals & photos!

Encyclopedia Antarctica - links to plant & animal life, physical environment, human presence & laws

Polar Region Links - from Susan Cowles


Antarctic Research - It's COOL

Zoom School Antarctica Site - lots of great info.


Live From Antarctica 2 - a PBS Student Web Site

Secrets of the Ice - Follow scientists to an expedition in Antarctica

Antarctica:  The End of the Earth - this PBS site has information about all aspects of Antarctica

Antarctica & the Arctic - from the Geography World Website


The Chilling Fields - Explorers in Antarctica  - websiste

Watch a Slide Show about Antarctica

Antarctic Explorers

Antarctic Almanac


Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition  - a American Museum of Natural History website

Antarctica Fact Book - from the CIA Handbook

Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition - PBS web site

Antarctic Statistics - facts about the continent


More on Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition on the Endurance by Kodak

Watch a video clip about how Antarctica has melted over the last 20,000 years - scroll down & click the picture of Antarctica


The Endurance - the Movie - neat images & a timeline, video clips, and exclusive images

Antarctic Explorers

What would happen if the Antarctic ice sheets melted?  Look if you dare!


Antarctic Timeline of Exploration


Antarctica Current Weather at the South Pole

History of Antarctica

Current Weather in Antarctica - taken from all of the research stations - Antarctica

Climate of Antarctica



Science in Antarctica - has information about the different scientific fields of study
How Ice Impacts Climate 


Penguins Web Site with research information and photos
South Pole - a Virtual Tour Penguin Pages - learn all about the different types, behavior, and more

Penguins Around the World

Images from Antarctica - 46 photos of Antarctica, maps, and research stations   Penguins - Creature Features from National Geographic
Antarctica Web Cameras Penguin Resources
Antarctic Photos - this is cool!  - view 360  Photos (needs Quick Time)   Emperor Penguins
Antarctic Photo Gallery - has 104 images of various aspects of Antarctica Wildlife of Antarctica - has information & photos
More Photos from Antarctica   Antarctica Wildlife

Scuba Diving Under Antarctic Ice

Antarctica - Animal Facts

Photos of Diving Under Antarctic Ice

  Antarctica Animal Print Outs - from Zoom School
Information about the Ozone Layer Wildlife of Antarctica - has information about penguins, birds, seals, and whales
Antarctica Jokes   Antarctic Habitat - has information on seals, penguins, sea birds, whales, krill, ice & lots more

Play the Antarctic Food Web Game



Glacier Information - what they are, how they are formed, why they move, and more

  All About Glaciers

Facts About Glaciers



Warnings from the Ice - a NOVA web site

Glaciology - what is it?  Includes photos


Polar Connections - Learn About Antarctica and Glaciers


Melting Glaciers   Arctic & Antarctic Icebergs

Ice Sheets





Alaska Information

  Iditarod National Historic Trail

Alaska Native Traditional Knowledge

  Iditarod Virtual Field Trip

Alaska Shark Information

  Alaska's Marine Mammals, Sharks & Seabirds 
Iditarod by   Alaska Weather - from the Weather Underground


Arctic Wildlife Portfolio - learn about birds, mammals, and sea mammals of the Arctic


Arctic Home Page by NOAA

Native Watercraft in Canada - information & images from a museum exhibition


World Climate - lists average temperatures & rainfall for cities around the world
Upper Deschutes Watershed Information



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