Mrs. Renz Loves the JASON Project!

Mrs. Renz Loves the JASON Project!

Mrs. Renz Loves the JASON Project!


Mrs. Renz Loves the JASON Project!

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updated December 23, 2017

This rainforest web page is a collection of sites, some of which were recommended by the JASON XV curriculum, and some others I found after many hours of research.  Hopefully, other JASON students in grades 4-9 and teachers will find this collection of websites helpful.   -Mrs. Renz, JASON XV Teacher Argonaut  


What's the Weather in Panama City, Panama?  


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Meet the JASON XV Teacher Argonauts


Unit 1 - Where is Panama?

Where in the World is Panama? Today's Weather in Panama City, Panama
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) Another Weather Forecast from NOAA 
Visit Barro Colorado Island (BCI) Climate in Panama & Rainfall on BCI

Barro Colorado Island Web Cam  

Topo Map of the Canal Region - a great visual!
Exploring the Geology & Geography of Panama - be sure to click "next" at the bottom of each screen Another Great Map of the Canal & Gatun Lake
Map of BCI - very detailed map!  Be sure to click in the lower right corner of the map to expand it! The Cuna Indians of Panama and their Art - a neat site that opens with music
Map of the Regions of Panama Cuna People of the San Blas de Cuna Islands & Molas
The Rainforest Connection - the website made by Jackie Willis, scientist on Barro Colorado Island, Panama  

Unit 2 - Tropical Forest Ecosystems

Types of Rainforests A Dichotomous Key for Leaf Litter Arthropods
Tropical Plant Database Leafcutter Ants Photo Gallery - by Jackie Willis, JASON Researcher  
Exploring the Tropics - from Missouri Botanical Gardens Leurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants - lots of links 
Seeds & Fruits of the Rainforest More ant photos
Light Gaps of the Rainforest Leafcutting Ants - another site
Watch my leaf cutter ant movie Leafcutter Ant Video (2:28)
Soil & Nutrient Cycling in the Rainforest The Panamanian Leafcutter Ant Video from CBS (0:46)
Rainforest Trees & Canopy - has howler monkey sounds! Frog Sounds of the Rainforest - listen to them!
Rainforest Understory Green Iguana
Rainforest Floor Snakes on Barro Colorado Island, Panama
Ecosystem - Plants, Animals & Insects of the Rainforest Building a Berlese Funnel - directions
Leaf Litter Biology for Kids  

Rainforest General Information

Rainforests - a huge site by MBCnet with loads of information Jungle Photos from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador - animals, plants, scenery, towns, people, and more
Rainforest Facts Rainforest Education - a huge site with photos and information about all rainforest topics of the Americas
Rainforest Types, Structure, Climate, Characteristics How Rainforests Work
Journey to Amazonia - a PBS site about the Amazon Rainforest Listen to Rainforest Sounds - in Windows Media Player format
Watch a Rainforest Slideshow Maps of Rainforests Around the World Rainforests An awesome collection of Rainforest Web Sites - by Jerrie S. Cheek from Kennesaw , Georgia
Take a Rainforest Quiz Rainforest Biomes
All About Rainforests - by Enchanted Learning  

Unit 3 - Rainforest Mammals

Rainforest Mammal Directory - information and some with photos! Photos of BCI Mammals
Ecosystem - Plants, Animals & Insects of the Rainforest More Photos of Creatures on BCI
Coatimundis - picture Howler monkey picture    
Tamarins -picture Howler Monkey Video Clip (1:16)
Peccaries - picture Bats & Echolocation - has sounds you can listen to
Capuchin Monkeys - picture Automated Telemetry Systems Used for Tracking Animals
Kinkajou - Watch a Macromedia Flash video from National Geographic (about 10 minutes long) Agouti - picture 
Animals of the Rainforest Canopy page 1       Tapir  
Rainforest Animals - mouse over the picture & click to learn about rainforest animals & insects Animals of the Rainforest Canopy page 2

Unit 4 - Tropical Forests and Global Environmental Change

Threats to Rainforests Rainforests Endangered
Another Site Showing Threats to Rainforests Tropical Forest Products in Daily Use
Medicinal Plants & Aromatic Plants - a technical guide Tropical Forest Facts
Panama Canal Flooding of 2010 Deforestation of Panama News Article - May 2003
YouTube Video of Panama Canal Flooding  

Unit 5 - Managing the Panama Canal Watershed

Animation - How the Canal Works - very cool! Side View of the Panama Canal Showing Why Locks Are Needed
Panama Canal Website Slide show about the history of the Panama Canal
Panama Canal Watershed      Play Amazon Interactive - an Eco-tourism game
Ships that Pass Through the Panama Canal  
Widening the Panama Canal - an interactive journey from the Discovery Channel - also shows how the locks work Panama Canal Tolls - good math lesson idea

Panama - More Than A Canal    page 1      page 2      page 3

Good Photos Showing the Panama Canal in Operation


"The Great Kapok Tree" by Lynne Cherry- a Cyber Guide for teachers Learn Spanish


This rainforest page was created by Heather Renz, JASON XV Teacher Argonaut.