Mrs. Renz 

JASON XV Teacher Argonaut


What is the Student and Teacher Argonaut Program?

Each year, students and teachers are selected to join the JASON Project expedition team, traveling with the scientists and production team to various remote locations from which JASON will broadcast that year.  These participants are called Student and Teacher Argonauts.  Their work begins the day they are chosen and ends long after the expedition has drawn to a close.  This year the JASON XV Student and Teacher Argonauts will be traveling to Panama to Barro Colorado Island and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to assist scientists with experiments and studies and to participate in the live JASON XV "Rainforests at the Crossroads" broadcast. This opportunity has them joining Dr. Robert Ballard  and world class scientists at the expedition site.  The trip lasts approximately two weeks and gives classrooms all over the world the opportunity to participate in real science.

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bullet Voices from the JASON Project "In their Own Words" - Mrs. Renz, and student Arognauts, Lisa, Abby, and Ben talk about the JASON Project    (Length 2:38 You Tube)

Newspaper Article November 6, 2003

The Bulletin  Bend, Oregon


Newspaper Article November 9, 2003

The Bulletin  Bend, Oregon about Mrs. Renz, JASON XV Teacher Argonaut


TV Show Aired December 30, 2003

Mrs. Renz appeared as a guest on the Good Morning Central Oregon TV Show to talk about her JASON XV expedition to the Rainforests of Panama


News Article Printed January 21, 2004

Redmond Spokesman Newspaper Article about Mrs. Renz going to Panama with the JASON Project called "Welcome to the Jungle"


Newspaper Photo Printed February 4, 2004

Redmond Spokesman Newspaper Photo and Caption about Mrs. Renz being in Panama with the JASON Project " Students Watch Teacher Explore Jungle"


March 21, 2004

        "My Hero" Internet Website Features JASON XV Teacher Argonauts

        Dr. Bob Ballard and the 24 student argonauts on our expedition are also listed 

        on the "My Hero" web site


Summer 2004 Lewis & Clark Chronicle Article: "A Rainforest Journey" about Mrs. Renz's trip to Panama with the JASON XV Project